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US Traffic Law – US Traffic Regulations

US Traffic Law - US Traffic Regulations

The US traffic law has become an area of enormous growth due, in part, to the implementation by many cities of red light cameras, which have raised legal and ethical questions among the public. Traffic stops have also become an unofficial way for cities to raise revenues, thus being used as a form of tax collection. This practice also raises ethical questions as it creates a conflict of interest for those issuing tickets, with emphasis on revenue generation over public safety. Nonetheless, US traffic law is critical for public safety, as hundreds of thousands of people die each year from drunk driving, reckless driving, speeding, and other traffic infractions.

Legal Challenges to Red-light Cameras – US Traffic Law

In some states, legal challenges to red-light cameras have been raised, at times bringing about a suspension of the programs. Some courts have decided that cities cannot delegate traditionally law enforcement duties to third-party vendors who provide the technology. Some attorneys are therefore urging those who’ve been issued a ticket to contact an experienced attorney or firm that deals with traffic matters to potentially challenge the ticket, with the legal cost substantially lower than the ticket.

Tickets and Insurance Premiums – Traffic Law

Because insurance premiums may be tied to traffic tickets, it may be advisable in certain cases to consult an attorney to to beat the charge or to avoid accruing points on one’s driving record that may affect insurance premiums. These raised premiums may last for years. Simply paying the ticket may amount to an admission of guilt. An attorney that has dealt with a large number of traffic cases may be able to look at a client’s driving history, the ticket issues to the driver, and thus offer a strong defense to prevent the accrual of points. In some cases an attorney can even prevent a license from being suspended or revoked.

How do traffic tickets affect car insurance premiums?

When car insurance companies determine your premiums, one of the most significant factors they look at is your history of traffic tickets. The more traffic violations and speeding tickets you have on your record, the more likely you are to get in an accident and cost your car insurance company money.

It is important to note that ignorance of the law is not a defense for breaking it. Arguing that one was specifically targeted is also unlikely to be successful argument in court. A judge hearing the case is likely to decide that the enforcement of the law is paramount.

One must also be careful about challenging a ticket pro se in court on the assumption that the ticket-issuing officer will not show up for the scheduled hearing, resulting in the charge being dismissed. Sometimes, particularly for more serious offenses, the officers will show up. If one is to challenge a ticket pro se, it’s best to have a solid legal basis for the challenge in case the officer shows up.

DUI Charges

Because of the fines for driving while intoxicated, the issuing of citations for this offense has also become a source of revenue for some counties. Unfortunately, some drivers may be accused of driving under the influence by an officer when in fact they are not, in the officer’s haste to meet a quota or due to poor judgment. Because of the legal consequences to such a serious offense, legal representation may be advisable. An experienced attorney may also be able to call into question the legality of the search or arrest of a driver, or to obtain a reduced sentence for the accused.

DUI Traffic Law – Driving under the influence

Typically, DUI will be charged as an enhanced misdemeanor or a felony if one of the following extenuations apply:

  • The driver had an extremely high level of alcohol or drugs in his system, well beyond the legal limit;
  • This is a repeat offense – the longer your history of DUIs, the more severe charges you will face. ;
  • The driver was driving recklessly at the time of the offense;
  • There was someone seriously injured in the accident.
  • The punishment will also depend on any victim’s death or injury if there is a significant negative impact on public safety.

At Tough Defense, we will provide resources to arm the public with information and access to some of the best traffic law attorneys nationwide.

Employment Law – Examples and Explanations

Employment Law - Examples and Explanations

What is Employment Law?

Employment law is very important for our society, as it protects the workforce as well as businesses from illegal activities and dangers. Because of the vastness of the labor market, employment law has become a much-needed area, particularly for the public. Employment law encompasses such topics as discrimination, retaliation, safety, and working conditions, among many other areas.

National Labor Relations Act (NLRA)

The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), a federal law established in 1935 by President F.D. Roosevelt, gives workers the right to form or join unions, complain about pay and working conditions, and also protects businesses from coercive actions by unions, among other things. The NLRA established the National Labor Relations Board, the agency that receives complaints by workers and businesses related to purported violations of the NLRA, and investigates these complaints to decide if they have any merit.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, established in 1964, established the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) to enforce the rights of those discriminated against on the basis of race, ethnicity, color, religion, sex, and national origin. Title VII has since been modified to include protections for pregnant women, those with disabilities, those discriminated against based on age, as well as those discriminated against based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Importantly, Title VII provides protections for workers against employer retaliation, an aspect of the law that has seen enormous growth of litigation over the last decade.

President Kennedy addresses the nation about civil rights.

President Kennedy addresses civil rights in 1963. Kennedy made a legislative proposal for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 on June 11, 1963, from the Oval Office. Kennedy moved over his earlier arguments to legality and stated that the pursuit of racial equality was a just cause, expressing civil rights as a moral problem.

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993, or FMLA, was established by President Bill Clinton to “balance the demands of the workplace with the needs of workers.” The Act allows eligible employees to take up to 12 weeks off each year to attend to serious personal or family emergencies dealing with illness, death, pregnancy, adoption, and foster care. This Act was created due to growing concerns about workplace demands keeping parents from spending critical time with their newborn children in the weeks and months following child birth. This Act expressly prohibits retaliation or interference related to employees exercising their FMLA rights.

Occupational Safety and Health Act

The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 created the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) that enforces safety and health regulations in the workplace. They handle complaints from workers alleging violations of safety and may do unannounced inspections of work sites to ensure they are in compliance with laws. The Act protects workers from retaliation or adverse action as a result of reporting a violation.

Whistleblower Protections

What is Whistleblowing?

A whistleblower reports waste, corruption, abuse, fraud, or dangers to public health and safety to someone who is in the position to rectify the wrongdoing. A whistleblower typically works inside the organization where the wrongdoing occurs; however, being an agency or company “insider” is not essential to serving as a whistleblower. What matters is that the individual discloses information about wrongdoing that otherwise would not be known.  

There are also various whistleblower protections, some of them falling under the federal laws already mentioned. The False Claims Act, established in 1870, places penalties on those who defraud the government while providing it with supplies or doing contractual work, with whistleblowers given a portion (typically 15-25 percent) of whatever money is saved at the conclusion of a trial or settlement. The qui tam provision of this law allows those not employed by the government to assist the government in a prosecution and to collect a portion of the proceeds.

Whistleblowing takes an enormous amount of courage and often causes a severe emotional strain toward those who take part in it, as they are likely to encounter hostility from organizations that want to maintain the status quo or cover up wrongdoing, especially where profits are concerned.

Employment Law Protections

These are just some of the employment law protections in place for workers. We aim to provide access and links to the best legal resources and law firms to protect the rights of the American workforce and businesses. We also have a web page on mandatory arbitration agreements, given that they have become so commonly used by employers today. Many people feel they prevent employees from exercising their basic rights.

Accident Injury Claims Done Right

Accident Injury Claims Done Right

Accident Injury Claims Done Right

Finding and recruiting a competent lawyer will assist you a lot in coping with a traffic crash. They will help calm your mind by grappling with all the ethical facets of the case as you concentrate on coping with the pain and misery of such a stressful experience. There are attorneys out there eager and able to make sure that you are paid for getting injured in a case you might not have had any influence over.

Accident Injury – Medical and Legal Assistance

Never delay to get medical and legal assistance following an injury. A lot of people don’t realize until much longer if they even had a car crash injury. They’re normally so terrified and scared that if they feel well enough, they’ll go home and relax and continue to restore normal activity the next day. Or, if they’re in pain, they might seek advice from relatives and friends who might advise them not to think about it, that it’s just neck pain, and that it’s going to go away with time. It’s just just bad advice. There could be structural complications that could become serious or life-threatening complications over time.

An internal head injury is a very severe condition that is sometimes ignored. And because the head of the car wreck victims is not bleeding, that doesn’t mean they’re all right. Closed head injuries frequently occur some time after the collision which can go unnoticed and often occur as the victim’s head crashes into a hard surface (the steering wheel, the bumper, the rear of the front seat) at rapid speed. This types of fractures often do not reach the brain and can be missed at first. These forms of crashes occur in internal brain injury.

Other Forms of Closed Head Injury

And whiplash can cause a head injury to the closed head. Other forms of closed head injury include head or facial swelling, confusion, lethargy, lack of hearing or fluid leakage from the nose or ears.

Another, more traumatic damage caused by a traffic crash is lifelong or partial paralysis. Paralysis happens when essential nerves controlling different areas of the body are weakened or severed. This occurs when there is a traumatic effect on the spine or spinal cord, resulting in areas of the body not being able to maintain the same movement or stimuli that they once did.

It can be an incredibly painful time for the survivor and his/her families when paralysis happens. They face long life struggles and will require consistent round-the-clock support for the remainder of their lives. Temporary paralysis occurs as the nerve is pinched or swollen. In any event, get assistance immediately. Don’t hesitate about it. You may be eligible to claim money for the personal injury. It’s critical that you get in touch with a trained car accident lawyer today and get a case summary.

A Guide To Lawsuit Cash Advances

Lawsuit Cash Advances

 Lawsuit Cash Advances Short Guideline


Lawsuit Cash Advance (Lawsuit Cash Loans)

The aim of the Lawsuit Cash Advance is to help people recover from personal injuries caused to them by traffic accidents, harassment at the workplace or some kind of medical or legal malpractice. There are several firms offering Lawsuit Cash Advances to allow the victims to combat their legal battle. Cash Advances are not grants in the common sense of the term, so the disabled party needs to pay the money only until the lawsuit is won, but not otherwise.

If you are facing a situation where you are applying for a non-recourse loan, you should call these firms and supply them with the specifics of your case. The firms would also contact a counsel to get input on the merits of the dispute and an indication of the level of compensation anticipated. You will then have to send a certain amount of the payout to the financing firm should you win the settlement. The normal rate paid by these firms ranges from 10% to 15% of the settlement sum.

Other Advantages of Lawsuit Cash Advance – Legal Financing

Another gain is that the solicitor will profit from advanced cash. That will make it possible for him or her to plan the case more efficiently, as the lack of funding would no longer be a matter of concern. The solicitor will have the opportunity to gather the depositions and locate the requisite witnesses. This, in exchange, would increase the odds of winning the lawsuit and receiving an appropriate payout package.

This cash advances give you the ability to bring your case before the courts. If you don’t, you could have to opt for an out-of-court settlement, which might mean that you lose on the number.

However, as a word of warning, it is important to add that taking such loans should be the last resort. This is because, considering the risk involved, businesses will expect you to pay a high fee for their services. So before you approve cash advances to battle your cases, you need to weigh other options for raising money.

What is Commercial Litigation Financing?

Commercial Litigation Financing

 What is Commercial Litigation Financing?

Below you will find a long definition (with certain example) of the Commercial Litigation Financing

A person who suffers a personal injury caused by another person can go in for litigation cases. Similarly, companies too are often involved in litigation. The reason can be attributed to the competitive market and ‘unfair competitions,’ too. Here the simple disputes in the conduct of business and commercial transaction sow the seeds for litigation.

The companies may reach a discord due to various factors. These can be a wrongful termination of an employer or employee, breach of contract, disputes of insurance, partnership, shareholders, bankruptcy and so on. Such disputes of commercial transactions can affect the business of that company. For instance, one of the two companies involved in partnership joins hands with a third party clandestinely. There is a breach of trust and related damages caused on the other company. This ‘cheated’ company can file for litigation against its partner company.

Finally, the disputing companies try to resolve their ongoing case through the court. This is known as Commercial Litigation. The companies, like the individual, take the help of an expert attorney to protect their interest. The attorney files the case for a contingent fee. The company involved in litigation, with the support of the attorney, seeks the Litigation Financing Company for its expenses.

The company providing Litigation Financing evaluates the case. If the case appears worthy enough, the company offers an advance, often, termed as litigation loan. These are pre-settlement advances of non-recourse nature. That means the company gets its recovery charges if and only if its client company wins the case. But to ensure proper Commercial Litigation Financing one needs to resort to the attorney.

Regular Lawyer Jargon | The Essentials

Regular Lawyer Jargon | The Essentials

What is the regular Lawyer Jargon in our days

A Law Firm may be full of confusing terms, and if you don’t know what they mean then setting up a company can start to look far more scary than it really should be. Read through this jargon buster and you should find it much easier to understand what starting up is all about.


This is the capital that’s going to be spent in a company. Example: ‘I launch my company with a capital of $5,000, of which $2,000 is my own.’


You are entered into a deal as you sign a legal document. Starting a business allows you to sign and enter into contracts on behalf of the business—the deal would be between the other party and the organization, not you.


The directors of the company are ultimately the persons in charge of the company. There will be boards of directors, named by the founders, for a big corporation. However, in the case of a home company, you can name yourself as sole director because you are still the sole shareholder (see ‘shareholder’).


This is the official name for the company’s start-up operation. Example: ‘My company was incorporated in March 2021.’


When a corporation cannot afford to pay off its debts. The form of business you have set up will have an impact on what happens in this situation—you might be responsible for any of more of your debts.

Limited Liability

A limited liability company  is one where you agree upfront how much risk you can face if anything goes wrong. This saves you from being financially ruined if anything bad happens to your company.


The ‘office’ of your business is not only a position for computers—it is also a legal term, meaning that your company is located. Your business must have a registered office, which means that you cannot start a company until you have an address that would be legitimate to use for this reason.


Home company would be private, which means that members of the public cannot participate in the purchase of shares. This would not deter individuals from purchasing percentages of the business if you’re able to sell, however. Starting a business as a private company doesn’t deter you from turning it to a public one later.


Someone who serves as a proxy for you on your behalf—you have granted them the legal right to talk for you. For eg, if you get a lawyer to manage the incorporation of your business, they can incorporate it to you by a proxy.


The owners are the persons who own the corporation. In your firm, you will be the only shareholder (and thus own 100% of your business) unless you have made a bargain with someone else for them to own a share.

Latin Lawyer Jargon

When you deal with laws, the amount of Latin involved can be overwhelming. Here are some Latin words that you might come across when you start up your business.

Bona fide meaning: ‘in good faith’. This is used to suggest that somebody thinks they’re telling the truth.

De facto meaning: ‘in fact’. Used where something has happened that gives priority to the ‘actual’ case over the legal one.

De jure meaning: ‘in law’. The opposite of the de facto situation.

Ex gratia meaning: ‘out of grace’. When anything is going to be done at no cost.

Prima facie meaning: ‘at first sight’. Anything that seems real, but it’s false.

Quid pro quo meaning: ‘something for something’. Where a bill is paid for a service (or services will be exchanged).

Be Careful with the Lawyer Jargon

No matter how much jargon you can begin to experience when you start your company, don’t start using it yourself. It will make it so that the ‘insiders’ will get what you say, and everyone else will feel either a little stupid or a little irritated. By the same way, if you’re talking to someone (your accountant, for example) and they’re using a language that you don’t understand, there’s nothing wrong with telling them to clarify what they mean—their it’s mistake to use an excessively complex term, not yours for not understanding it.

If you’re not aware, there’s a clear rule: jargon is very unique to the communication of scientific definitions. It should not be used to replace everyday language, since it does little but create misunderstanding.

10 Ways To Identify If Your Lawyer Is Right For You

Is A Good Lawyer?

Is A Good Lawyer?

There are various ways to tell if you’ve found a good lawyer

A successful lawyer will have impressive credentials and have gold lettering, too. They will be compassionate, devoted, and responsible in their work. As you entrust your life, future, or property in a lawyer’s hands, be thoughtful before doing so.

Besides conducting exhaustive background research to ensure that the agreement doesn’t conflict of interest, you must familiarize yourself with the details of the agreement, and make sure you understand everything it.


You have found the ideal lawyer if:

  1. He spends time understanding your ideas. No law clerk will be assigned to write down the facts of the case.
  2. From the content of his own experience and his knowledge, he will understand what is relevant and what is not. irrelevant facts, opinions, and personal feelings will be overlooked
  3. He’ll insist on going through the footwork for the case. All facts should be verifiable and well-supported with court decisions.
  4. He will not only work on the problem at hand, but will look at it from all angles. This will provide a complete picture of all relevant factors and approaches.
  5. He will use his foresight and guesswork to determine where the opposition or the jury/judge will be going next and plan accordingly. He plays like a grand-master, always looking several moves ahead in advance.
  6. Instead, he won’t make speeches or use verbiage in order to impress people; he will just go straight to the point and say exactly what he means. He’ll insist that the issue and its arguments be laid out clearly.
  7. He will be self-controlled, accurate, and well-advised. He will always be respectful of all individuals, including the ones who are helping him and those who work for him.
  8. Additionally, he is well-respected by his acquaintances and by respected professionals in the community, and is considered a knowledgeable expert in his field.
  9. He will not only want to talk about his victories, but he will also be glad to explain why and how he lost them.

Criminal Defense Attorney – Defense Attorney Meaning in Law

Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense Attorney

Defense Attorney Meaning in Law

When Should You Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

When people are accused of a crime, they should find a defense attorney right away. Most attorneys who are criminal defenders usually find their clients in great danger of going to jail or being sentenced to death. A good criminal defense lawyer will represent anyone committed with a crime to the best of his or her ability. Sometimes the lawyer can choose to quit a case if they have a personal conflict while dealing with the case, but a lawyer cannot leave their client hanging.

If a lawyer in America to get off a case, they must be able to find a replacement lawyer that can do the job. Many times an attorney will realize that they are working for the wrong side and will withdraw from the case. However, if they don’t have another criminal defense attorney to replace them they can be disbarred and lose their practicing license. A good defense attorney will also try to negotiate with prosecutors for lesser sentencing or reduced charges. This is called a deal in the legal world and depending on the seriousness of the crime, a deal may not be offered or accepted by the D.A. or district attorney.

Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal defense attorney do so much more than examine witnesses and argue in court. They also formulate sentencing programs that are fixed to the client’s needs like offering rehab instead of jail time. They also make sure that the defendant knows the reality of the situation and the stakes that in the case.

Many times, this is when the defendant could possible get the death penalty. In some cases, they will tell the client to fight or give in depending on the stakes. They are also familiar with all important laws because there are so many loopholes in the system. A good lawyer knows how to find the loopholes so that they can win the case. They are also familiar with the rules and procedures of court.

They know what the prosecutor, the jury wants to hear, and they state them all in their opening and closing statements. They also understand hidden costs of pleading guilty like how it will affect their client’s life for the end of time they will be marked as a felon. A good defense attorney will spend special time on all their cases with all effort to win. Many will represent anyone who can afford their services, while some pick and choice based on rather they can win.

Good Defense Attorneys

Good defense attorneys will chose clients that they honestly believe and that they honestly want to help rather or not the client is guilty or innocent. A good defense attorney will follow their code of ethics and go for cases that are important to them. A good defense attorney will spend hours thinking about the possible questions that their client will be asked, as well as, the questions that they will ask the prosecution’s witnesses. This may require an investigation team so that they can find information that will make every witness that is against the defendant less creditable. They will try to do whatever it takes to represent their clients to their fullest capabilities.

Do I need a Lawyer for a car accident?

Do I need a Lawyer for a car accident?

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Do I need a Lawyer for a car accident? [Demo article]


Are you a car accident victim? In case you or someone you adore is one of them, the very first step you must take would be to secure the aid of a car incident lawyer. This is why you really need to carefully select an auto accident lawyer later on. Deciding upon a car incident lawyer is a key decision, and one which shouldn’t be made with haste. Apart from handling your case, you auto incident lawyer may also offer you expert advice to assist you cope together with the confusing atmosphere of issues brought on by an auto accident.

Whether you seek the aid of a car incident lawyer or possibly a motorcycle crash lawyer, you have to be ready to ask certain questions during your first consultation with all the attorney. The police report is a must in every circumstance, and might also be tough to achieve, even though your car crash lawyer, later. If it is the case for you, you must find an auto accident lawyer. The perfect car crash lawyer for your own case may be just round the corner.

Auto Incident Lawyer / Personal Injury Lawyer

Whether it’s before or following the misfortune, talking to an auto incident lawyer will be extremely useful. This is the reason an automobile collision lawyer can be this type of effective ally for all those seeking just compensation after an auto accident injury. Your car incident lawyer will likewise manage the arrangement of statements from the potential eyewitnesses during the misfortune. A seasoned automobile accident lawyer will say that knowledge of the city, its streets and collision statistics may be particularly useful when handling an automobile collision injury case. Among the best options to select for help is actually an automobile incident lawyer. Consulting a lawyer is among the smartest moves you may make should you ever become hurt in an auto crash.

Hence, you really need to select a lawyer that has a wonderful history in representing victims of an extensive number of automobile accidents. Car crash lawyers are among the largest helpers in regards to cases regarding road rash and accidents generally as they’re the ones who’ll provide you with the optimal/optimally advice on how one ought to go about receiving their claims done. There is a wide array of automobile collision lawyers out there offering legal advice to clients who’ve been involved in various types of automobile accidents. A car collision lawyer is the best person to tap for these sorts of services.

Car Accident & Auto Injury Lawyers


With a crash lawyer’s expertise and professionalism, you will have the assurance your case will undoubtedly be handled correctly. If that’s the case, you must put some effort and work difficult to discover a fantastic vehicle incident attorney. Working with an auto accident lawyer, you can cut down on the possible time it requires to obtain compensation if you have all the information necessary for a judge to generate a decision. You intend to obtain the auto accident lawyer who knows how exactly to win, hands down, the sort of case you’ve got.

Whatever the situation, seeking an automobile incident lawyer is ideal and necessary sometimes. In instances of vehicle damage, the accident lawyer needs to have a close view of the collision scene to collect data and appreciate the case completely, rather than bits and pieces, with the purpose to represent the client strongly within the court. An attorney will likely be by your side through the legal procedure, if you’re dealing with an insurance policy company or any additional party. An auto accident lawyer does much more than just file claims for your benefit and strive to win your case.

There are available vehicle accident attorneys who are ready to jointly use the burden. If you’re unfortunate to meet with an incident, you must need exclusive assistance to really get the appropriate quantity of compensation for your own injury. For leveraging correct assistance, you are required to employ a bicycle collision lawyer who can help you to get the compensation you have earned.

Car Accident Damage Compensation

If you’re include as a vital circumstances in automobile accidents and might chance to survive with injuries, you could pick up some damage compensation. Auto accidents are among the leading factors behind death and serious injury in America. There are numerous factors behind automobile accidents. Car injuries are really so typical and respectable for a big variety of accidents every time period.

Each accident differs and every claim made in case of an accident differs, too. Employees in an automobile accident is actually a dilemma emphasized. Suffering from an auto accident because of someone’s negligence on the road could carry a bigger burden in your part. Auto injury lawyer provides a comprehensive experience of private injury.

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Becoming A Policy Advocate – How To Make Your Voice Heard On Laws That Affect You

How To Make Your Voice Heard On Laws That Affect You

How To Make Your Voice Heard On Laws That Affect You

Each of us at some time in our lives has become outraged when hearing of a new bill being introduced by our legislator(s). Even worse and because of that bill, we hear that a new law has been enacted and will become effective in the near future. How the heck did that happen we might ask? I didn’t even know that kind of law was up for consideration you might think. It seems sometimes that all of a sudden we’re to abide by this new law whether we like it or not. I can assure you, it didn’t happen suddenly and you had the power to do something about it. There are three important things you can do to make sure your voice is heard.


Policy Advocate – Education about the political process is crucial towards an understanding on how policy becomes law. Most of us know that at the National level of the United States, we have a President, a Vice President and staff that are supposed to work towards protecting the public interest. There are three governing branches in our democratic system; Executive (the President and staff), Judicial (Supreme Court) and the Legislative (Congress-the decision-makers on legislation/law). It is the legislative branch that will be the focus of this article. Education on the political processes of government will bring about the second most important thing you can do to make your voice heard on the potential passage of laws that will affect you.


Policy Advocate – How did that law get passed and why didn’t you know about it? It would be negligent not to mention that some proposed bills are worded and designed to confuse or hide the actual intent of the bill. Often, bills are routed through the House of Representatives and the Senate with the intention of sneaking the bill through towards being passed in an effort to keep it from gaining significant attention. Your education and awareness of policy will train you to read bills from a critical perspective. Every bill or proposed piece of legislation is available for reading by the public (both on the National and Local levels). Becoming aware of what a bill really intends to change and what its purposes are is up to you to critically analyze. It is our responsibility to educate ourselves and become aware. It is only then that we can take action.

Take Action

Policy Advocate – Let’s talk about one example of a bill being proposed at the National level. Senate Bill, SA1379 has been introduced to require “certain dietary supplement manufacturers to report certain serious adverse events”. What does this REALLY say? What does this bill actually intend to do? What is its purpose? Education and awareness will take you into the text of this bill with knowledge and a critical eye. Then you can make an informed and responsible decision.

Becoming an advocate on any policy issue requires determination and passion. After education and analysis of any particular piece of legislation we can decide to accept the bill or reject it. If you accept or agree that a proposed bill should be enacted and made law you can sit back and let it run its due course. If, however, you reject a policy and find it unfair, objectionable or unjust, it’s time to take action.

Policy advocates take action in several ways. They can be individuals or groups. They either attempt to improve existing policy, establish new policy or make attempts to defeat existing policy. They act. No matter the effort, if you want to change laws, you will need some tips on how to create the change you wish to see implemented.

To become effective change advocates we must first understand that changing policy can often be extremely challenging and difficult work. You may encounter opposition at every turn. You may find very few others that support your position or values. On the other hand, there may be many people that want to join in your effort to change a policy or law. If you are truly passionate about an issue and believe it needs to be changed, the rewards of your efforts could be many. The most important thing to remember is that it takes only one person to start the process for change but you will need support. Let’s talk about how you can begin.

Policy Advocate – Educating Yourself On The Law

After educating yourself on the actual bill you wish to challenge, having some general knowledge of how a bill becomes law will become just as important. The best place to begin is in understanding your own state/local legislative process.

  •  Find out who your senator and representatives are in your voting district
  •  Visit your state capitol.
  •  Spend a day at the capitol and watch the senate as they vote on proposed bills.
  •  Make an appointment to meet with your legislators, senator or representative to discuss your opposition or concern around a bill
  •  Never doubt your power as a voter
  •  Many states set up specific days for round tables, discussions. Presentations around specific bills or issues. Find your passion, a bill that interests you and join in on the open forums.

Taking a day to familiarize yourself with the legislative process will guide you on how to effectively advocate for the bill or policy you want changed. Simply put, it will show you how things are done. It will arm you with the information you need to challenge what you believe to be right. There are other ways to safeguard your rights when it comes to policy.

  •  Keep your legislator’s addresses, emails, and phone numbers handy and communicate with them on a regular basis. Just a note: Some are saying that e-mail is becoming less effective. Legislators and public servants receive many e-mails on a daily basis; yours could get lost, ignored or easily overlooked in the avalanche.
  •  Look up your state’s legislative web page. A wealth of information is available there and most are user friendly. This resource is an educational tool loaded with what bills are currently being introduced in that legislative session, how to contact your representatives, the status on all bills currently being considered as well as some older ones from past sessions to name just a few.

While this is not an exhaustive and complete list of things you can do, it is a beginning. Becoming educated on the ways of law and rule making, staying aware of those bills that could affect you or your loved ones and taking action will insure you that you tried to do something. Sometimes all of the advocacy and action in the universe won’t change policy but wouldn’t it be fulfilling to know that you took some part in trying to effect a change? You took part in something you believe.

You could, without knowing how huge the impact was going to be, have helped millions of your fellow Americans or state citizens. Take the time to know what’s going on in the political process. It is your right to protect yourself from policy that could harm. It’s our obligation to help others not to be harmed as well.